Boris Johnson thanking the Tamil community for their contribution to the United Kingdom

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson appealed to the British Tamils in a Conservative party campaign video by thanking the Tamil community for their contribution to the United Kingdom.

He noted their success in areas such as the National Health Service (NHS) and entrepreneurship. Moreover, he lauded their emphasis on education.

Johnson remarked, “Vanakkam. I want to thank the Tamil community for everything they do for our country. And I think the values of the Tamil community and the contribution they make to the NHS, to the entrepreneurship in the country, the value they attach to education, educational achievement makes a fantastic difference.

That’s why we need to get Brexit done”

Thereafter, Johnson explained how Brexit could benefit members of the Tamil community.

He opined that the points-based Australian system would be introduced in a post-Brexit scenario whereby people from across the world would be treated equally for immigration to the UK.

Furthermore, the British PM exuded confidence that there would be reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka indirectly hinting at the alleged human rights violations on the Tamilians in Sri Lanka during the war with terror outfit LTTE.

The UK PM remarked, “And that’s why we need to get Brexit done. Because when we get Brexit done, we can continue to support entrepreneurship, we can support our NHS, increase our investments in our NHS. And, of course, then, once we get our Brexit done, we can be fair in our immigration policy and put in the points-based Australian system that will treat everybody around the world equally for the purposes of coming to the UK.

So, thanks to the Tamil community and just want to say very much that I hope there will be reconciliation in Sri Lanka, accountability for what has gone before us, what’s happened in the past and long-term peace in Sri Lanka.