President’s expenditure head will be cut back by 90% – Dissanayaka vowed

National People’s Power (NPP) Presidential Candidate Anura Kumara Dissanayake says that he will cut down the Expenditure Head of the President by 90 percent.

He mentioned this addressing a public rally organized in Tissamaharama.

He points out that the President has many official residences in many areas.

“There are castles around the country. I once checked into the castle in Chandrika Wewa. The President hasn’t stayed there at least one night in the past year. However, there are 200 police officers stationed for security. Even Tissamaharama Police would have only 175 police officers. There are police officers enough to guard a division looking after the security of an empty building.

There are about 100 people to look after the garden. Another 50 to clean the inside of the building. Fifteen more as cooking staff. This is public money.”

Stating that there is no need to waste public money this, Dissanayake said he will convert these buildings into appropriate places for the area, whether they be a library, tourist hotel or even a museum.

He pointed out that the daily expense of the President exceeds Rs 70 million. Therefore, the President’s expenditure head will be cut back by 90%, Dissanayaka vowed.

He further said that that the expenditure head for maintaining former Presidents will be canceled out completely through the first Budget itself.
Additionally, the pension of the politicos will also be halted under his rule, he added