Avoid hot sun, stay hydrated – Senior Scientist advises public

It is precautionary for people to avoid unnecessary exposure to the sunlight and to drink plenty of fluids on frequent basis due to the comparative increase in temperature in the country, National Building Research Organisation (NBRO) Senior Scientist H.D Sarath Premasiri told.

Mr. Premasiri urged to prevent human body from being exposed to the sun and asked to stay under a shade, whenever possible.

“Overexposure to the sun might lead to complexities on certain people and thus it is good for everyone to stay away from the sun,” he said.

“The reason for this phenomenon is the prevailing climate changes that have affected the entire world,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department said although there was a slight increase in the temperature, it had not yet reached an adverse level.

“We are monitoring the prevailing climate changes and will take prompt measures to inform people on any adverse situation by issuing heat weather advisory,” it said.

Moreover, the maximum temperature 35.7C was reported from Katunayake as at yesterday.

However, the Education ministry on Tuesday advised school administrations to take precautionary measures due to the prevailing hot weather situation including that of not allowing students to engage in any physical activities outdoors between 11.00 am and 3.30 pm.

Recommendations in this regard had been issued to the Education Ministry by the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine and Family Health Bureau.