FCID couldn’t work independently due to political pressurization – ex chief reveals

Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) could not function independently as expected due to the pressure from the high-profile politicians from the governing party, the former head of the FCID Senior DIG (retired) Ravi Waidyalankara claimed yesterday (25).

He further said the FCID’s investigations were only aimed at a certain group from the previous government.

Responding to questions raised, Mr. Waidyalankara said the FCID could have achieved greater success had there been the room for the Division to work independently.

Stressing that the FCID clearly had political pressurization, Mr. Waidyalankara commented that the FICD only investigated the complaints directed to them by the Anti-Corruption Bureau. These complaints were all against the former government, the former FCID chief said further.