Govt. medical centres to go online soon: Dilum Amunugama,Considering the issue of driver license medical tests at private medical centres

State Minister of Transport, Dilum Amunugama said today that instructions had been given to integrating all government medical centres into an online system for people to get their medical reports.

“When all medical centres are integrated, people do not need to waste their time at the medical centres,” he said.
“People will not need to wait in queues at medical centres. They can book a doctor’s appointment online and obtain a number and time. Then people only need to come to the medical centre at the given time,” he said.
“This system now became a practice at several private hospitals. They have even developed their systems to send the medical report via SMS with a username and a password to view the report online with the use of the mobile phones,” he said.

Arrangements had been made and the cabinet approval would be granted for issuing medical reports for driving licences for dual-purpose vehicles and light vehicles could be obtained at State hospitals in a week.
Those medical certificates would be obtained through the Out Patient Department (OPD) of the respective Government hospitals.

The State Minister also said the attention had been drawn to conduct the same medical tests at the private medical centres as well.

“There are no such doctors as private medical doctors. The private medical centres used to run with government doctors. Therefore, it is relevant to conduct the same medical tests at private medical centres.

However, the heavy vehicle licenses should be obtained through the NTMI Nugegoda head office and other branches.