Show maturity as a nation in the face of pandemic: PM

Issuing a statement over the COVID-19 spread, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday requested the Sri Lankans to show maturity in the face of the pandemic and not to panic by falling prey to false news and rumours, especially that of on social media. He said the President and the Government had paid their full attention to the situation. “We have a well thought plan in place to manage the situation and have the capacity and the capability to provide necessary medical and health facility to the people. We have ample stocks of supplies including oil, food and textiles lasting for months. There’s no rational need to panic,” Mr. Rajapaksa said. He said it was inhuman and unacceptable to discriminate the family members of the patients diagnosed with the new coronavirus and to call for withdrawal of quarantine centres. “We are taking all these measures not to inconvenience you but to ensure an atmosphere where you can live safely without any inconveniences. Be considerate of others and try to put yourself in their shoes when they are in trouble. We have overcome more severe challenges as a nation. We have the strength to overcome this challenge as well if we stay united,” the Prime Minister said.