Sri Lanka’s largest Methamphetamine haul busted at Central Mail Exchange

The Customs officers have intercepted a stock of Methamphetamine pills, also known as “Ecstasy Pills”, worth Rs 27 million at the Central Mail Exchange today (04), says the acting media spokesperson of Sri Lanka Customs Lal Weerakoon.

Accordingly, 5,500 Methamphetamine pills hidden inside a subwoofer were smuggled into the country from Belgium.

The Customs officers had seized the haul packed into 6 parcels of Methamphetamine pills, after arresting a 52-year-old person, who is employed as a contractor for demolishing old buildings, had arrived at the Central Mail Exchange to acquire the subwoofer at around 11.00 a.m. this morning (04).

The Customs media Spokesperson further stated that this is the largest ever Methamphetamine haul to have been seized by Customs officers thus far.

The Customs officers are conducting further investigations into the incident.