‘World’s oldest man’ celebrates his ‘121st birthday’ in Brazil while suffering from Covid

A Brazilian man celebrated what he claims was his 121st birthday as he recovered from Covid-19 with his family.

Andrelino Vieira da Silva, who lives in the city of Aparecida de Goiania in the Brazilian state of Goias, celebrated turning 121 on February 3.

The father-of-seven marked the occasion during an intimate gathering with family, who live on the same plot of land as him, as they all recovered from Covid-19.

Mr da Silva, who has 13 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild, was born on February 3, 1901, according to his ID card.

He would be the world’s oldest living person if his age is verified. He was married and had seven children, five of whom are still alive.

Source : dailymail.co.uk