More offers due to Tom Moody’s participation in the England tour

Tom Moody, Australia’s newly appointed Director of Sri Lanka Cricket,’s tour of England
Steps have been taken to provide more allowances for participation.
It is based on the recommendations of the Cricket Advisory Technical Committee chaired by Aravinda de Silva.
Accordingly, Tom Moody contributes 100 days a year to the Sri Lanka Cricket, for which he receives an allowance of US $ 1800 per day (Sri Lanka Rupees 356,990.40). Accordingly, he is entitled to US $ 1800 for all days he was in England. The specialty is that he is entitled to this allowance in addition to his salary.
His monthly salary of 100 days a year for Sri Lanka Cricket is US $ 30,000. It costs Rs. 59 lakhs (Rs. 5949,840.00).
However, in addition to his daily allowance, he was to be paid US $ 100 a day, but that allowance alone was not paid due to the provision of all accommodation.