The new Sports Act will come to Parliament next January

A code of ethics to discipline all sportsmen and sportswomen

The new Sports Act is expected to be introduced in Parliament in January next year, Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa said in Parliament today (05). The Minister said that there is a code of conduct required to deal with disciplinary matters applicable to all sportsmen and sportswomen.

Speaking further in Parliament, the Minister of Sports said,
‘We saw some athletes going to the Olympics with‘ two spikes ’left in Sri Lanka. Then neither the Minister of Sports nor the Ministry can tell the child to take the two shoes. Today, due to the broken discipline from the beginning, children go to the Olympics leaving their shoes in Sri Lanka. For many years now, the minds of sportsmen and sportswomen have been made only to achieve national victories. The mind is not made to achieve international success. Not all, but some players go on a trip. That is why these sportsmen and sportswomen have not been able to come up with their own personal best. Therefore, we will bring a new act in Parliament in January to regulate sports associations. That bill includes a code of ethics for players. ‘