SL ensures welfare of Sri Lankans in South Korea

The Ministry of Foreign Relations in coordination with the Sri Lanka Embassy in Seoul has been closely monitoring and coordinating efforts to ensure the safety of Sri Lankans residing in South Korea, following the recent rise of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) cases, particularly, in the city of Daegu, where an estimated 915 Sri Lankans reside, the ministry said.

According to the Sri Lanka Embassy in Seoul, presently no Sri Lankans have fallen victim to the virus. Over 20,000 Sri Lankans comprising migrant workers as well as students reside in that country. The Embassy is focusing particular attention on Sri Lankans in Daegu, where an estimated 915 reside.
Hotlines operated by the Embassy are currently functional on a round-the-clock basis and a Help Desk is also operational in order to respond to the needs of the Sri Lankan community. Two social media groups have been established and the Mission is in contact with Sri Lankan Temples, community leaders and all others concerned.

The Hotlines are:
Embassy General Lines:
(0082)-2-735-2966, (0082)-2-735-2967, (0082)-2-794-2968

Ms. Sasanga Nikapitiya, First Secretary – (0082)-10-7222-1352
Mr. Senarath Yapa, Counsellor (Employment & Welfare) – (0082)-10-3389-2227
Ms. Nilanthi Pelawaththage, Second Secretary  – (0082)-10-4084-0855
Ms. Samantha Senayake, Third Secretary (Employment & Welfare) – (0082)-10-7499-2966