Barriers to National Cricketers by Sri Lanka Cricket

Sri Lanka Cricket has decided to impose certain conditions on retired cricketers and national cricketers who wish to retire.

The full official statement issued by Cricket in this regard is as follows

The executive committee of Sri Lanka Cricket at a meeting held on the 7th of January 2022 took the following decisions in respect of players that have retired and/or intend to retire from national cricket.

National players who intend to retire from national cricket should provide three months’ notice to Sri Lanka cricket of their intention to retire.

Retired national players who wish to obtain ‘’No Objection Certificates’’ (NOCs) to play in overseas franchise leagues will only be issued to such players who have completed six months of their effective date of retirement.

Retired national players will be considered eligible for local leagues such as the LPL, only if they have played 80% of matches in the Domestic Cricket Competitions conducted in the season prior to the conducting of the league.

The above decisions are to take effect immediately.